About Us

Offering cross-cultural impressions drawn from all cultures of planet Earth; multi-media, poetry, books photographs and fine art oil paintings. Featuring Artist, Poet and Cultural Anthropologist, Karen Wallace, who blends all her favorite disciplines into cross-cultural impressions of the world around us. Also featuring Karen's son Raven whose love of life and the infinite mystery is expressed through photography, digital art and writing.

Karen and Raven both have a passion for exploring culture, spirituality, and how this translate into art of all forms.

Karen's work reflects her study at the Taos Art Institute, and immersion studies in basket weaving, clay mask making and Process Painting. Karen has also studied horse painting with John Farnsworth and Classic oil painting with Master Painter, Daniel Edmonson. She follows a Toltec path of spirituality and embraces the philosophy of living a creative life and honoring all spiritual paths. 

Raven has spent 15 years studying the nature of reality and what it means to be truly human. His art is informed by his dreaming, energetic practices and his awareness of the natural world.